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  • The next few days I will be posting some from my wide angle collection. I have been in a funk, but the perspective of this lens has given me some life!! This one was a great chance of events and I happened to be in the right place at the right time.
    Eric[OcularStasis] @ 12-Apr-2005 15:21:29

  • Right place at the right time, indeed. No more funk, man; this one is truly a major catch.
    Donna Lee Michas @ 12-Apr-2005 21:37:16

  • Great perspective. The coloring is great. It has a kind of nostalgic feel to it. This is the second post I've come across today that has given me wide-angle jealousy. I've got to have me one!
    andy @ 13-Apr-2005 05:51:50

  • What a cool shot. Everything from the birds, their motion and reflection and that kid is great in is red hat. Oh and I like the buses and palm trees. Good all the way around
    Nancy @ 13-Apr-2005 20:05:37

  • I must agree with the rest, this is an excellent shot. Catching the birds in flight and the little boy running in the background...Nicely done.
    McKendall @ 15-Apr-2005 07:15:08

  • Wow, I always wanted to capture images like this, but most of the time I am not quick enough or the bird fly away before I manage to compose my shot. I think I need more practice.
    yungyaw @ 17-Apr-2005 03:49:43

  • Good shooting batman!
    Simon King @ 22-Apr-2005 07:14:08

  • this shot is just fantastic. a seemingly common sight made to look .. oh i don't know the word for it
    Ben @ 22-Apr-2005 20:51:17

  • Stunning image.
    James @ 03-May-2005 04:18:22

  • wow!! this is stunning.
    owen @ 04-May-2005 04:11:19

  • Holy cr...that is one amazing image. What kind of post processing did you do to get the colors like that btw?
    Tao @ 15-May-2005 15:03:21

  • ~simple xlnt...the best image I have seen all day, the low POV you took was the best choice and ne that provides the PUNCH visually...~
    btezra @ 16-May-2005 12:40:49

  • I just love this photo - well done!
    Trevor @ 23-May-2005 05:22:55

  • Really great shot, the eye of the lowest pigeon looks so alive!
    @ 30-May-2005 01:29:44

  • I love the reflection off the ground.
    TAG @ 31-May-2005 03:38:44

  • This is great! Great perspecitive lines and reflections. Very crisp, and I love what you've done with the color!
    Jan @ 02-Jun-2005 11:36:14

  • It's just stunning !! Wow, c'est incroyable, l'image est fabuleuse !! Don't STOP... you have a gift men.
    Raphael JAUVIN @ 04-Jun-2005 05:45:10

  • I find this link on fredmiranda site, it's a fantastic shot , many compliments. bye
    nick @ 26-Jun-2005 06:06:59

  • If you had used a better aperture and depth of field this picture would have been in proper focus. As it is, only the bird at center right is sharp. Too bad. Otherwise an interesting pic because of the low camera angle.
    doug mcnichol @ 07-Jul-2005 23:57:44

  • Wow, that is a great shot!
    Marcus @ 14-Jul-2005 12:25:05

  • this is awesome!
    mom-in-law @ 14-Jul-2005 16:40:50

  • Wow!Great picture..i love the angle!
    Jari @ 03-Aug-2005 18:53:24

  • did you use a filter to get that colour tone and if so which one ?
    brendan @ 15-Aug-2005 12:14:59

  • Yes brendan, I just used a simple PS(CS) Photo Filter, (Sepia at about 80 percent)
    Eric[OcularStasis] @ 15-Aug-2005 19:03:06

  • one of the sweetest photos ive seen in a good long time. bravo!
    mark @ 26-Aug-2005 20:30:59

  • GREAT! :)
    cmotpu @ 06-Sep-2005 04:25:11

  • I like your picures,especialy this one,i think they are great! Well done
    Ciprian @ 17-Sep-2005 16:28:29

  • Wow.
    @ 13-Oct-2005 19:32:09

  • Incredible. I love it
    S Johansen @ 25-Oct-2005 09:57:32

  • Outstanding image!
    Dave @ 21-Dec-2005 12:54:41

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