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11:25:10 28-Jul-2014
Eric Cotter [the OcularStasis FotoBlog]:


McClains Coffee ShopTrain HDR agaonTrain Station AgainFeet in paradiseHDR BusHDR TrainTrainWindowTrailerTrain and MeWaiting for the trainWalk on the beachBunch of GoofballsThe night train #2the grillgoofballs2MOre Post Production workoldie from about 9 mos agofullerton at duskblissuh ohJust a skyRich from VegasShootin a cooca rochaMean dogChurch on a hillRunnin runin, and Runnin runinThe CaddieLil stop on the way to Vegashaventbloggedinaqhile #2haventbloggedinaqhileGoing Somwehere 2On the way to humeKiller dogA Stroll at the beachJust something randomGoing Somwhere?My Little oneI know my sheepNumber 2 of the TruckBuilt like they used toAnother Shot of Staind Live in San BernardinoSonny Sandoval... frontman for Payable On Death, aka:PODAaron Lewis...  frontman for STAINDShoot with LorinneJason from HawkMy fotuneCinderella and a Fruit<b>Thirsty</b><b>11111111111111111111111111</b><b>Dany Larsh Again</b><b>Poles</b><b>Neighbors</b><b>Deleriou5 Guitarist</b><b>Martin Smith</b><b>Lonely night sleep</b><b>Thirsty?</b><b>Photo shoot for a Danny Larsh Upcomming album</b><b></b><b>Recient shoot in Laguna</b><b>Tag</b><b>Freedom Bell</b><b></b><b>Track2</b><b>The shadow is in the frame</b><b>The Wheels on the Train go Round and Round</b><b>Kill Your TV</b><b>Tubes</b><b>6 or shall I say Six</b><b>Hey kids..   NO Skateboarding!</b><b>See no Evil</b><b>Another AVP pro guy..    </b><b>Mike Lambert 2004 AVP Individual Champion </b><b> Karch Kiraly blocking at Hunting Beach</b><b>Lots O Balls</b><b>but i dont want to be abducted</b><b>Star Wars Freakature</b><b>gle...   Does not get much more mand made than this </b><b>Way up high in the rolie polie sky</b><b>just another great big building shot from the ground floor</b><b>Cameron the EyeFulTower</b><b>Did you bring your Sunglasses</b><b>USS Midway</b><b>RAcks and Stacks</b><b>A pier in the 3rd</b><b>Time to take a shower</b><b>The Wasteland</b><b>Rear Ender</b><b>a Lonely Day at the Beach</b><b>The Tide Report..  Sponsored by Arrowhead</b><b>Stop When Flashing</b><b>The Bird Hunter</b><b>New Toy</b><b>Pro Hopper</b><b>CupSSSSSSSS</b><b>Sorry for the DELAY</b><b>Waterfall in the same national Park </b><b>An old tree in the Same Place</b><b>Famous ole Barn</b><b>An Urban Volcano</b><b>A Dose of Reality</b><b>Cross Processed House</b><b>Cross Processed Pier</b><b>BackSide 360, 17 Shot Sequence</b><b>I have no clue what to call this</b><b>Man in the mirror</b><b>The forced creativity of a 7 hour Van Ride (take two)</b><b>The forced creativity of a 7hr Van Ride (take1) </b><b>It is a Parking Sign...</b><b>Got Strap?</b><b>A 5 Hour Tour @ 1/8000th ;D</b><b>Multi-Million Dollar Row</b><b>A Three Hour Tour?</b><b>Peeking Through</b><b>Do Not Enter</b><b>Solitude</b><b>The Trail of a 3 Year Old</b><b>The Flowers of the Field</b><b>Happy Birthday Grandma JoJo</b><b>It is what makes time travel possible</b><b>Mr. in a very dignified moment</b><b>Little Birdie</b><b>Noisy Ship</b><b>Memory Memory</b><b>Thinking</b><b>Where all the MAGIC Happens</b><b>Big Brother is Watching</b><b>Alpine CDA-9833</b><b>Holding Hands</b><b>Old CF Cards!!??!!</b><b>Every Cloud has a...</b><b>Lack of tripod again</b><b>Aged American Steel!</b><b>Socal Snow</b><b>Good ole days</b><b>Stroboscopic Train</b><b>Sully Ate My KID!!!</b><b>You think this is funny...  Wait till tomorrow!</b><b>My Daughters Friend... Sarah</b><b>One Cent</b><b>Ode to the Java</b><b>the Watering Hole at 3rd Street</b><b>Man-Made Nature</b><b>Roar With Gilmore</b><b>an Apple a Day</b><b>Rainy Day Macro</b><b>It Never Rains in Southern California</b><b>Korean WarVet</b><b>Under the Pier</b><b>A Place Between</b><b>Its a Pier...  having a hard time with names</b><b>Life Guard Tower at Manhattan Beach, CA</b><b>Should I Be Driving?</b><b>Self Portrait</b><b>Holiday Break</b><b>Run Down Million Dollar Home</b><b>The Great Master of the Steel Balls</b><b>Stairway...</b><b>Round and Round we go</b><b>a backwards 50mm = macro</b><b>Lots of water....  Lots of time</b><b>30 Secconds of darkness with a flash #3</b><b>30 Secconds of darkness with a flash #2</b><b>30 Secconds of darkness with a flash</b><b>Here Fishy!!!</b><b>Great ball of Something</b><b>Alone at Sea</b><b>The Wedge @ Balboa</b><b>3-Shot K-Grind Sequence</b><b>Venice Drummer</b><b>Sign of the Times</b>Redondo @ High Noon 2 of 2Redondo @ High Noon 1/2Feel the GrooveBlack Pepper in the fireTHose DANG NikoniansThe Melon GrabBlindside @ the GlassHouse 3 of 3Blindside @ the GlassHouse 2 of 3Blindside @ the GlassHouse 1 of 3Wet ImportSo Cal Orange TreeA FirehoseLucky DAD!!!!In My Daughters EyesTurnstile and the eye of timeLife Was Much Easier ThenOrange BlossomMowhawkOverpassBorn To Ride80mm SalesGuyOncomingTraficThis is the first ever post here